SFSU BSN Fall 2012

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I'll be applying to SFSU's BSN program for fall 2012 and am a little nervous here's why:

As far as my prereqs go I ACED all of my science courses, nutrition, and psychology...the problem is that I received B's in both English courses and speech. The English courses were honors at my community college and I have over 120 volunteer hours and am bilingual...I know stats change on a yearly basis and budget cuts and whatnot, but do those who were accepted think I have a good shot at getting accepted?( My overall GPA is a 3.8)



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Dont worry about two little B's

Some of us screwed up our g e grades back when we didn't know we wanted to be nursing students, and those students got accepted too.

You will probably get in.

Might want to post this in CA nursing programs to get better results though...