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SF Bay Area OR/Pay, experiences and advice?

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Hello Nursing Fam,

I am hoping to get some questions answered about OR Nursing and future goals/plans. I would appreciate it 🙂

About me: I am currently a student at Duke finishing my BSN program and so far, I've loved the operating room when I did my rotations in Maternity. Even before that I was already researching this career path. Does anyone know if new grads are welcomed into the OR in the SF Bay Area? I ask because I hear that in certain specialties like the ICU, new grads are not typically hired into without a year or two of experience. Would this apply to the OR?

I am in my last 2 semesters of my BSN, and I will be in PeriOp1 3rd semester and PeriOp2 during 4th/last semester. My hope is to go back home to the SF Bay Area and work as an OR nurse. 

Pay: How is the pay/hr like for OR nurses in the SF Bay Area? Do OR nurses take call a lot, and are there incentives for this? How does that work? I ask because one of the primary reasons I went into nursing was because of the flexibility and pay.

I am naturally a curious person and try to find out as much info as I can before starting something. I may be getting ahead of myself here with all these questions! 

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from someone 🙂

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