Setting myself up before RN school for the job I want...Advice please.


Hi everyone,

I am planning on starting nursing school this Fall and was curious if anyone has any insight on setting my self up for the job I want. I have just moved to NH and was working as a paramedic in FL beforehand. I would like to work in the ER but don't know a whole lot about the area hospitals not working in the field currently. I am just curious how hard it is to get my first job out of RN school in an ER and if it is beneficial to go the school that uses the hospital I want to work in as a clinical site. Any advice welcomed!! Thanks!

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Hi and welcome,

Have you been accepted into more than one program? The competition for school spots can be kind of stiff so many people are just going where they can get in.

In my area (DC) there is a shortage and quite a few of my classmates were able to start in the ED but last I heard there wasn't much of a nursing shortage in NH. That might decrease your chances of getting a sweet ED job right out of school. Hopefully others will write in with more info. Good luck to you!


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Thanks! Yeah, there doesn't appear to be a big shortage here. I'm pretty confident I will get into any of the community colleges here becasue I placed really well on the pre entrance exam and have all the prerequisites. Now I'm just trying to decide where the best place to go is if it's going to help me get the job I want. Thanks!

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As soon to be grad (I graduate Sunday) please do yourself an immense favor and just focus on nursing school for now. In your last semester towards the end, then hit the jobs hard. I interviewed for a position back in November, just got hired today, and start in Feb. because I will be taking boards in Jan. Keep an open mind in nursing school and enjoy it for what it is. I could have SWORE to you I would work ER...nothing but ER. Did my clinical rotation there and absolutely HATED every second and could not wait to leave, great ER, great people, great environment, I just could not do ER nursing, please give everything a chance, stay open, and I promise you jobs will come, just focus on boards, its going to all fall in place, I promise you! good luck with everything.

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