Senioritis as a Sophomore


I am a sophomore nursing student in a 4-year BSN program at a pretty small public university. I'm a science nerd and actually enjoy going to class and learning the material. Since classes started this semester, I've normally have 2 tests a week - except this upcoming week I only have one and literally couldn't be happier! The problem is that no matter how hard I study I cannot improve my test grades and I am becoming frustrated and burnt out. I just cannot come up with any motivation to sit down and get my work done. I look at my friends in other majors who have half the work load that I have and I am jealous because they have free time to do fun things. I have no desire to change my major because I know I want to be a nurse when I graduate, but I need to study to pass my classes! I'm just stuck and don't know what to do!


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Well first things first, look at your load of stuff to do. you probably have many things to get done. Imagine if you had those things to do and also study as well. you want to do the best you can with other stuff so that you can move onto studying so you can better prepare for your future tests. Relax a bit before having a serious study session.

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Take time out!!! Seriously. You will get burnt out if all you do is study. Nothing wrong with a date night or girls night out. Relax and take some time for you.

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My grades never improved based on study habits either. Nursing exams ARE NOT normal exams. You may have 4 right answers....but which is MOST right?

I was valedictorian with a full ride scholarship (plus room, board, and stipend) to the 2nd largest university in my grades weren't shabby until nursing school (where 90% of my semesters ended with a B) but I quickly learned to just deal with not getting my normal A.


And take a night off once in a while. If your brain isn't able to relax it can't retain the information anyway so a break might be the thing to improve your scores....