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Hello, I am a senior getting ready to send college applications. I have made the choice to go in the world of nursing and ultimately be a nurse anesthelogist. Now, here is where I need your advice. I understand a lot of nursing schools need me to complete pre-requisite courses in college. Here is where I can't decide the best route. One, I take them at a UC such as Irvine and then apply. The other is go to a community college and then apply. I am in a dilemna. I know I can get into a UC. Currently, I am taking six AP classes and doing more. However, I heard nursing schools don't care where you finish your pre-requisites. Is this true? If so, would it be better that I take them at a cheaper, probably easier community college rather than expensive and harder UC? It's really a pride issue as well to be honest, because I feel I worked too hard to not go to a UC. Many tell me to go because it'd be a shame for me. I want to go as well. But, if nursing schools merely look at GPA and other scores, then should I go to community college? I'm sorry for the long post and appreciate any support you ma give me. Thank you.


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The thing with UC Irvine (and UCLA) is that they're kind of "special" in that their nursing programs are direct entry, so if you're accepted to do prereqs, you're automatically accepted to the nursing program as well given that you maintain a certain GPA throughout your prereqs. Keep in mind these two programs are EXTREMELY competitive, admitting around 70 students out of 2000+ applicants. I was rejected from UCI with a 3.7 GPA and 1840 SAT, as well as a 700 Bio M SAT II and a 650 Chem SAT II.

But, it is true that nursing schools usually don't care where you take your prereqs, as long as the units are transferrable to the school you wish to attend nursing school at. If, for some reason, they DO care where you take your prereqs at, they will more than likely make that pretty clear. Of course community college is cheaper, so if you don't have the financial means to go to a four year for prereqs, thats always an option.

Now, having said that, I'm going to assume you're in CA SINCE You're talking about UCI. ALL CA programs are impacted and highly competitive. If you plan on attending a four year for nursing school, I would suggest attending that school for prereqs as well, if you're financial able. Most programs (i know a lot of the CSUs do this - the one I go to does anyway) give you a considerable amount of extra points for being a current student at the university, and an additional bonus for being a resident in the school's service area (they will specify which counties qualify). This is just a way to help maximize your chances if you're trying to get into a program that gives extra points like this.

Good luck to you!


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I agree with almost everything the PP said, except the thing about CSUs giving preference to native students. From what I've seen, this is also extended to transfer students from surrounding community colleges. Look at the nursing programs that interest you, and find out where their preferences lie. There are few UCs that have BSN programs, just the couple in the LA area that I'm aware of. If UCI and UCLA have that direct entry available, and you get in, jump at the chance. Nursing school, especially in CA, is incredibly competitive. Knowing you're guaranteed entry is a HUGE relief!!

If doing your prereqs at a university means loans, I would strongly consider going to a community college. University prereq are no harder than CC prereqs, just FYI. In fact, CCs often offer smaller classes, which means less getting lost in the shuffle. Our local CC is one of the few colleges, even including universities, that has a cadaver lab where we actually got to perform dissections when we took anatomy. Most maybe get a dissected cadaver from a medical school, or just have models to look at.