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Hey guys,

I am at the point where I need to choose where I want to go for my capstone placement. I am considering Peds ED, but I'm worried about the job market for new grads. I also thought about NICU, PICU or just general ED. I've been to the NICU once and it felt slow. I didnt really get a chance to do anything. I have never been to PICU or ED, but I have heard that ICU is intense but slow. I do love the rush that ED may be able to give me. Just wondering if any of you have been in very similar situation or know anything. I would really appreciate any feedback and thoughts. Thanks! :)

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You have 'heard' that ICU is slow? From who- the custodian? It is anything but.

No. I heard it from a friend, and I understand that its just from one person's opinion, which is why I am here asking for feedbacks to learn more about it. :)

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The slow momments of NICU can be very deceiving,it could be the quiet before the storm rages.No one knows who will deliver and when and who shows up at the ER straight off an airplane.There is plenty of action but you never know when.

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