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Seneca Practical Nursing Program Sept 2019?

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Hello Ladies and Gents!

I'm a current student in a Pre Health Science Program at George Brown College. I previously attended Seneca College for an unrelated program and actually quite like the school and what they have to offer. However, I haven't heard much about the RPN program! Does anyone have any opinions about the program, what they have to offer, placements. Also, I know the admissions average states they look for a 75% overall what admissions averages did you get in with if applicable? I currently hold an 80% overall average.



Eva 😊

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Hello. I did the full-time (5 semesters) & I liked it.  The campus is located in King City. I did not drive that time so I commuted via Viva/YRT Bus from North York. 

I was fresh from high school when I started. I went to the pre-assessment. My English was not apparently a college level so I took a non-credited English class first. 

As a new immigrant, I adapted quickly on how some classes were self - study, online class, or in class. There could be changes now since I went there 2011-2013. The instructors were terrific. They were so helpful if you ask. As fulltime student, mostly my week were concentrated in school plus I worked parttime. I did not stay in school that much as I had a life of my own. 

I was glad that all of my placements were in hospitals and no long term care. I had my consolidation though at Toronto Rehab. However, if you wanted LTC then it would probably easier if you had a placement in one so you could network. As they say in finding a job, it is not what you know but who you know. 

You could browse on the courses & compare the differences between schools with Practical Nursing programs. Seneca has 5 semesters vs. George Brown & Centennial with 4 semesters.

At the end of the program, what matters the most is graduation and the diploma. Aim to have cumulative GPA of 3.0 & above if you wanted to further your education & no repeat/failed courses if you wanted to RPN bridge via Centennial-Ryerson. Cheers.

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The full time is at the king campus however you can apply for part time at yorkgate and take enough courses like a full time. The only downside is that I heard the yorkgate campus is fairly old while the king campus just built a new building. 

They try to place you somewhere closer to home for clinical. I had mine at North York General while classmates had theirs at Sunnybrook or Southlake.

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