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I have my application for Excelsior ready to mail. I have enclosed all the needed documents. I just can't bring myself to put it in the mail box. ha ha ha.

Are there any military veterans doing this program and using their G.I. bill? Anyone here from Mississippi? I have posted here before without much feedback. However I get tons of info reading the post. They are awesome!

The other day I went to one of the many publishing company webistes and requested info be mailed or e-mailed to me. I specifically asked them not to call me. They have called me every day since then! I see them on my caller i.d. when I get home. How crummy is that? Two of the companies have done this.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

I signed up with one of these companies years ago. There was alot of pressure and not alot of support. I tried to get a refund after getting only one box of books. Not only didn't i get a refund, but I found out years later the fee for remaining books (I never got) , had been turned over for collections. I wound up settling with them for $1000, just so I could buy a house.

Excelsior publishes warnings about these companies. LISTEN!

Best to you in your studies.


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Welcome exnavygirl,

Do yourself a favor and do a search on this board on publishing companies. There are some very stong opinions about those so called publishing companies. You might save yourself some aggravation and disappointment.

Good Luck


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I have decided not to use any of them unless I purchase them used from someone.

Thanks for the advice. There are a lot of strong opinions here about these companies. I'm glad I have people to refer to.

I'm closer to getting this application in the mail. I may even put a stamp on it. LOL


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