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Seminole State/UCF Concurrent Spring 2015

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Hi all,

I feel so nervous, anxious, and excited that next week will be able to start turning in our applications. Who else is with me? 6-8 weeks will seem like a lifetime! Good luck to everyone who is applying and I hope to see you all this spring :up:

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I'll be applying to the SSC concurrent program as well! I am so nervous and excited!! I applied last year, but one of my courses was in-progress so I was waitlisted :sorry: Hopefully this time I'll be able to start the program :) Good luck to you too!

Hi, Elizabeth:)

My name is Rachel, and thank you for the well wishes.

I saw from a previous post (Daytona...) you got a 94% on your TEAS!!! That's so awesome, congrats! I'm sure you will get in with great stats like that. You got this! 6-8 weeks is going to be rough! I hope to meet you in the next nursing program:up:

Hey all ! I'm applying to the concurrent too this round! I'm superrrr nervous and I just want to find out already! Good luck to you guys and hopefully we all get in ! (:

My name is Tiffani and I am also applying for the Spring 2015 Concurrent Program. I am not expecting to be accepted as I have two science prereqs in progress (AP2 and Micro), but the advisor said that I should apply anyway because the applicant pool is different every semester and you never know. I have a recalculated GPA of 4.0 and I took my TEAS yesterday and passed with an 85.3% overall (science score was 93.8%).

Lizzy10 - You said you were waitlisted because of in progress classes, did a seat not open up or what reason were you not able to start the program? I am typically a super anxious person and the thought of not starting my program for a year is driving me crazy! Just curious about the process.

Thank you, Rachel! :) Haha, hopefully I do get in this time. I hope to see you as well!

Tiffani- All of this is so nerve-wracking, I completely understand being anxious! Seminole accepts applicants based on several criteria: Completion of prerequisites, date your last pre-req was completed, completion of an A.A. degree, as well as GPA and test scores. They sort applicants into categories based on those factors. Last year's wait lists 1 and 2 were those that had all of their pre-reqs completed (then arranged by GPA and other factors) and lists 3,4, ect. were students that had in-progress work. This Fall's application pool had an abnormally large percentage of applicants with all of their pre-reqs complete, so that left me towards the back of the line. I was originally told I was 4th on the list, although what I didn't realize was that I was 4th on the 3rd list. Typically anywhere from 4-10 seats open up for the waitlist as people decline their admission, so list 1 has the best chance of getting in, although you could have only 5 people on a list, or no people at all. I'm not sure what the exact criteria are for each list, but I'd imagine the admissions process is similar.

I definitely am not getting my hopes up, but it would be nice not to have to be out of school for 8 months. What is meant to be will be. From what I have heard, there are not as many applicants for Spring as there are for Fall so maybe that will work in my favor! Good luck to everyone applying!

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I dropped my application in Oviedo and I was #28. I am nervous about my stats, they are good but not excellent: prerequisites GPA 3.4 and TEAS 88.7%. I am mainly nervous because, I am still taking HUN 2202. I know that in the application we need to check that " ALL prerequisites are completed". Does anyone know someone that actually got accepted while still finishing prereqs? I completed my B.S. in Fall 2010..I am hoping that having a bachelors can help me some.

Good luck to everyone!! :)

Hey aleridi8 ! During the nursing info session Luisa went over what categories people are placed in depending on if they've finished their prereqs and stuff like that. In the application for Seminole State you just highlight which ones you have completed and the ones that are in process you do something other than highlighting that class. For the UCF application if you are still in process I believe it said to write N/A or something like that. I'm sure you will be fine depending on who's applying for this term! Your TEAS score is awesome and your prereq GPA is not that bad! You would be in category one for your GPA ! Good luck and I hope this helped a bit. ( :

BOWESA - That is interesting! When I went to my info session in June they didn't break it down. On the UCF app there was a place online to mark the Fall Semester and "IP" (In Progress) for those classes. From what I hear, there wasn't an overwhelming number of applications for the Spring Semester. When I dropped mine off this past Monday at SLM, I was #9 and when I saw the advisor on Friday (middle of App Window) there were 58 at Altamonte. I was kind of surprised at the low numbers being that a whole week had passed. Good luck to everyone!

Tharper1983- I've been to two info sessions at SSC. The first one I went to wasn't too helpful, but this past one I went to in July, Luisa broke everything down. It was super awesome! I wish I would have taken a picture of it or wrote it down. /: I meant with Luisa this past Friday and there were ALOT of people turning in applications last minute. We will see what happens !

Thank you BOWESA, category one sounds good to me :). Tharper1983 I watched the newly released information session online and it they did not break it down either. I hope no highlighting the classes is not a big deal, because I did not :(. Only 58 in Altamonte is really not too many! Better for us. I hope less applications= less waiting time

I waited to apply until the last day, and I was #52 at Oveido. Aleridi8: I don't think that they would count that against you, and I hope that this does make the waiting time shorter! That would be amazing

Before I met with Luisa on Thursday (9/25), I glimpsed at the nursing application sign-in sheet at the Altamonte campus and saw that it was up to #146. I'm hoping that maybe it was combined with the prior day's applicants. :bag: I'm hoping it a short waiting time!

Has anyone else been checking the status of their UCF application regularly, or is that just me:bag:? I still have a big, red X for the received TEAS score, even though I have submitted them and got confirmation that they were received by the College of Nursing.

Hello Rachel, I also have a big red X for my TEAS score. I took it at UCF, so they should have it. Maybe it just takes a while for them to update our status. This wait is driving me crazy!

I had the same issue last week. When I checked on the 29th, everything showed Green and my TEAS score was actually posted there. I emailed the department last week and was told that everything should be updated by the end of this week.

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My TEAS score is showing that it hasn't been received, either! :nailbiting: I took the test at the UCF testing center, so I don't understand why they wouldn't have it.