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Semester 1 down!!! Thank you AN!!!


So I made it through my 1st semester! This sounds like a small feat but to all of you out there going through it, you know it's a milestone! I can't believe how much I have learned in one semester. From learning how to make a bed and take a blood pressure to giving injections, meds, monitoring patients, providing treatments, dressing changes, to understanding how to make an individual plan of care. It's amzing and there is so much more ahead!

With that in mind I would like to thank the AN community. Not only was the help and advice I received invaluable but to have so many people going through it with me was so encouraging.

Thank You!

Congratulations! I start my BSN program in August. How many classes did you take? Is it a BSN program?

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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Congratulations! We like to help!!!!!!!!!

Michaela, RN

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Congrats! I too, just completed my first semester and like you I feel accomplished!

Lolita, I am in a BSN program and we had 6 classes our first semester. Patho/Pharm, Fundamentals, Skills Lab, Clinical, Health Assessment, Health Assessment Lab, and a simulation class. Good luck to you!

Congrats! I just finished my first quarter, since I am on the quarter system and sometimes I still have to remind myself it is real. I have wanted to get into nursing school for forever! The first day of lab where we got to put on our scrubs, we were like little kids on the first day of kindergarten so excited!!!! Congrats to everyone! The time will go by fast, I know it :) we'll be passing that nclex before we know it :)