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semester fail

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I am a first semester LVN student and I just about completed the first semester successfully until I failed my last skills test of the semester (medication administration). I did great otherwise and made the grades academically. I even passed all the other skills tests throughout the semester the first try everytime. Our school policy is 3 attempts on a skills test, and if you dont pass by the third attempt you are out of the program (reguardless of academic grades) and have to reapply to the program. I was so far along that all I had left to take was the final. Has this happened to anyone else? This was a huge blow to my confidence. I am reapplying to the program.



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I was one week away from graduating and failed the pediatrics final by 1/10th of a point and got dropped! :crying2: I took a break, (about 6 months) to rethink my decision to go back to complete what I had started, and this time went to a private school instead of a jc. They took the majority of what I had done at the jc expect the med-surg, pharm, peds, maternity and psych nursing and so glad that I did this. I am auditing the program from the begining and there is so much more I am learning here! I am even getting better grades (A's and B's) and I am in the top 5 of my class...:yeah:

I know extacly how you feel, but pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go for it again. The one thing I really needed to do is find out where I went wrong and correct that so that this time I make it to the end!

Best of luck to you:redbeathe


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yea I failed twice and now I have 4 months left, but my fails were due to family issues not my ability, blew my confidence too but I know I can do it, I just have to focus more and make this LPN thing my priority! Good Luck!