Selling Nclex review books


Hi everyone! I first wanted to thank everyone for such amazing support while I was going through my crazy NCLEX studying. I was not a first time passer, in fact it took me until the 3rd time to pass. Like they say 3rd time is a charm :). I wanted to unload some of my nclex review books, and trust me I went overboard on buying them throughout a year, lol. I have Saunders Comprehensive Review Fourth Edition in very good condition along with the CD. I also have Pearson View Exam Cram which is in very good condition as well and it also includes the CD. My Lacharity book on Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment was bought through Amazon, so it does have a few marks in it, but overall is still in good condition. I'm in the East Bay, California region so if anyone in that area would like to buy any of these items please feel free to message me. I'm willing to go pretty cheap on price, so please feel free to message me, I'm willing to drive to a public place to drop of the books if you live in the East Bay, Ca region. For those who are struggling to keep it together after numerous attempts at NCLEX, please just remember that it is possible, and that this one test doesn't define you as a nurse at all. It's just a little hurdle to get over and once you get over it, you'll really understand how strong you are. :)