Seems like I can not do anything right?

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I am a new LPN and proud of it! I have a job at a LTC facility and I absolutely love it.. And the people I work with.. They excepted me into the wonderful facility like I was just one of them.. But then I recently (about 3 months ago) started working at an ambulatory care facility just to pick up extra money, and to expand my horizons.. But at this facility I have people nagging on me 24/7 and I always feel like the underdog and it really gets me down, they are always telling me how to do my job! Help!

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Hang in there.

Nurse Bobbi keep ur head up and stay confident!!!! U will get there. And if u come to a point to where u feel like someone is going to eventually steal ur joy then leave. No job is worth that. U don't have to deal with it so don't feel like u are obligated to. U R A NURSE ALSO AND U DESERVE RESPECT AS SUCH!!!!!!! Gud luck

Could be that the nurses/MAs at the clinic are just snooty toward someone from LTC. I find a lot of other nurses looking down on us nursing home nurses. Don't let it bug you. If any of these clinic nurses had to deal with the workload or level of responsibility WE have they would have ten thousand crap attacks.

Thanks EVERYONE so much! It means a lot! I will keep my head up, I feel as if I'm confident in what I'm doing but they always make me feel like I don't have a clue about anything! :/ but I will def. keep a smile on my face while doing it because of you guys!!!!!!!

NurseBobbi, I would give anything to be in your position. I worked as an M.A. for 14 yrs; got tired of it and started working in Utilization Management (referrals). I was laid off after six yrs. by then I had injured my tendons from doing data entry. I decided to go back to school to become an LVN IN 2009. Took my NCLEX that yr and passed. I got a temp job at a medical group while waiting for my results. Long story short, ended up staying a yr as a temp. only to be let go because they only hired LVN with experience. One of the RN's told me one time to go work at a LTC facility and then try to apply at a medical group. I've been looking for 7 months, everywhere, and nothing!!. You are in a good position. Stay confident, yes the job description is totally different from a LTC facility but you already have nursing experience. God bless you:nurse:

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