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Seeking Some Advice


I'm not a current nursing student, but hoping to finish my pre-reqs next semester. However, I have a dilemna. I have been in school since 2006 fulltime, except for 1 1/2 years due to my pregnancy. The school that I currently attend offers a 2year nursing degree and the opportunity to matriculate into the BSN program after passing the NCLEX. This is all fine and dandy, but I'm worried about my Fin Aid, since I will now be seeking an Associates. I'm pretty sure that I'll bypass those hours before finishing the program.:o I CANNOT afford to go to my school w/o financial assistance. I thought about transferring to a cc, where I could try to pay by myself w/o financial aid. Would u suggest this option? I also thought about completing an Associates and applying for an Accelerated program(Neb Meth offers the acc. program for Assoc. students) but that program runs 30k. Another option would be to complete a BA in psych and then apply for nursing school. I'm SOOOO confused and discouraged.:sniff: I just want to be in a position to take care of myself and my child and I want to be a nurse. What would you suggest???


Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I went to a local CC for my ADN and it only cost about $1,200 a semester. After I got my RN I worked full time and shelled out the big bucks for my BSN. :)