Seeking Second Degree, but low GPA. What is the best route?

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Hello All!

I just recently graduated with a degree from UC Davis, a B.S. in Psychology. About a year ago I realized I wanted to become a nurse. I planned to graduate and get into an accelerated program, however my GPA, both cumulative and for my pre-reqs are pretty low, both around a 2.35.

I was wondering if anyone had any advise on the quickest route for me to get my BSN and into the work field. Should I go the traditional route since my GPA is so low? Does any one know of any accelerated programs that accept a GPA of 2.0 and above? Any advise and help would be greatly appreciated. I am determined and nothing will stop me from becoming a nurse.

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Are you willing to move outside California to attend school? If so, you'd have far more options than if you chose to remain in a competitive state with a bunch of compacted nursing programs.


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I have never seen a program inside of CA that will accept anything lower than a 2.5, and those are ADN programs. You could take some transferrable classes to bump up your GPA and apply to some ADN programs (most run on a lottery system, so as long as you meet the minimum requirements, you stand an equal chance with everyone else), then bridge to BSN later. That's really your best bet if you stay in CA. I don't know if any schools out of state will accept a GPA that low, and even then, you're stuck paying out of state tuition. I think boosting your GPA and looking for an ADN program is your best bet, honestly. If you haven't yet taken your prereqs, that can be what helps you, but before you go there, why is your GPA so low? Do you really think that nursing courses would be easier? People with a 4.0 struggle in nursing courses, so it would be smart to really examine WHY you're not getting better grades before setting yourself up for failure.

Good luck!

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