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seeking input from critical care nurses

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I have this dilemma...I cannot decide whether to apply for a position in a med-surg ICU or the Emergency department.

I am currently and RN working on a (mundane) Med surg unit at a smaller hospital. it is the same things over and over..and not learning anything! I want to go somewhere that I will learn and develop my skills.

I have only been an RN for one year. I intend to go on for MSN but I am not sure which specialty. I just want to be somewhere that I will learn a lot of things. We don't even have telemetry on my unit..so clearly there is room for much improvement with my education.

what are your thoughts nurses?

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ER and ICU are quite different but both exciting. I am an ICU nurse working in CVICU and enjoy the detail that I have on my patients. My job is a job of detail. The ER has a more cursory establish the problem and stabilize and ship. Sometimes a persons nature fits in one or the other better.

It probably doesn't matter so much what you pick, make a list of the important things and compare the jobs. Nothing is carved in stone and you probably have time to try both within your career.

Have fun

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I am a firm believer that moving on (and UP) is as important to a person's knowledge base as is a big fat raise!

Why not put yourself in a situation where you will be precepted in the ER (very different nursing there - grow a THICK hide first).

If you are really adventurous, finagle a way into the ICU preceptorship. You will very quickly see the differences.

The more "different" experience you get for yourself, the better your nursing will become. Your paycheck won't complain!! LOL!

All the best, Walk6miles

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NurseCherlove has 3 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg; Psych; Tele.

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Speaking as someone who is in about the same boat as you (almost a year and a half in M/S and looking to further my education/skills), it sounds like you should apply for both. Not to be negative, but you may not get both offers. Should you be offered both positions, it would probably behoove you to start in the ED and later do ICU. I say that because I would think (I can't say from experience) that the ED pace would be more similar to M/S than ICU (the constant running and re-prioritizing - not to say that ICU nurses aren't incredibly busy). Not only that, but it seems like from what I've seen just on this board that ED nurses transition to ICU a little easier than the other way around.

However, just speaking for myself, I don't think I will ever end up trying the ED just because I don't think I have the tolerance for the ED abuser-types.

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