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Seeking Fall 2020 Pediatric Preceptor


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As if things weren't difficult before COVID-19, it's tougher now to find preceptors. I am a GWU FNP student and not having any luck after contacting 50+ offices (started before the virus). Does anyone know of any Pediatric NPs/MDs/DOs willing to take a student this August? I live in northern VA, but willing to travel up to 2 hours away in VA and in MD.

Thank you!

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umbdude, MSN, NP

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Allnurses really isn't the best place to find preceptors because of the anonymity. Anyone here who contacts you for preceptorship will have to reveal their off-line identities.

Have you joined FNP, Pediatric NP, and local/nearby state NP groups (both official and facebook groups where people's identities aren't hidden)? When posting in those groups, it might help to disclose some qualifications (degrees, experience, GPA, skills etc.) because you have the burden of proof to show that you are a solid and hardworking student. It's helpful because some NPs don't want to precept folks from diploma mills and/or those with no relevant RN experience.

Good luck.

Freckledkorican, RN

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I appreciate your suggestions. I joined organizations months ago, but it's still tough.

Thank you.