Seeking advice/sugestions on A&P class


I just completed my first exam in A&P (lecture) and I did horrible. That is because our lab consists of tons of terms and knowledge of function and structure, which we have a quiz on every week. There is no multiple choice or word bank, so spelling must be correct as well. So, I invest the majority of my time in studying the 150-200 terms every week. The issue is that I am lacking in study time for the lecture portion of the class. Our only grades in the lecture portion of class are the three exams and one finale, so it's crucial that I do well on those. I do work 40-50 hours a week but spend every weekend and evenings (when I don't have class) studying. Now I am in a struggle trying to manage my time to be successful in both lab and lecture. I am so discouraged because I am feeling that my best just isn't good enough. I don't think I have every felt so disappointed.

Anyone have any suggestions or experiencing the same issue?


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Hi jamienora! What really helped me in lecture was using a recorder and printing the powerpoints. I would record and take notes during class and then make even more notes at home after relistening to the lectures. I would even listen to my recordings throughout the day, while driving, and at night. For lab i again recorded, this time using a video recorder of my professor going over the models. I also made sure that i had plenty of time myself looking at them. It might help to go to an open lab too if you feel like you still arent getting it. Mneumonics will be your best friend in A&P and nursing. Good luck!


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You'll probably need to cut down on work hours. I was only able to work 16 hours a week most of my last year of nursing school and should have cut back before then.