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I have a quick question about listing education in my resume. I'm applying for a position as a tech in a nursing skills lab at a college. Listed under requirements the position states RN/BSN. Currently I possess my RN and have completed my ADN.

I'm currently enrolling in an RN to BSN and aim to begin Spring of 2013.

**My question is would it advisable to list BSN under the education section along with the expected date of completion?

Thank you for you time.

Specializes in Home Care.

There's really no need to list it.

Specializes in PICU, Sedation/Radiology, PACU.

If you have been ACCEPTED into the program, you may list it on your resume:

RN/BSN Program, XYZ University

Expected date of completion: May 2014

If you have not yet applied to the program, or have not yet been accepted than you should not list it on your resume.

I disagree that there is no need to list it. Nurses with BSNs are more desirable to many facilities. Some will consider you for a BSN required position if you are already enrolled in a BSN program.

However, in this specific case it may not help you either way. The position is at a nursing school, and most likely requires a BSN because of the nature of the education you will be providing to nursing students. But it certainly won't hurt to list it.

Thanks so much Ashley!

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