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Securing a job before moving.



I'm thinking of moving about six hours from where I am now since there are a ton of CNA/caregiver jobs in a big little city. The two main hospitals in the area have listings for CNA's as well as many nursing homes. There are also two public nursing schools there and one a hour away as well as a private school. re are aI sent out my resume to six ads on craigslist and three said they want to interview me if I move there.

Should I call and try to do phone interviews? Has anyone gotten a job based on a phone interview?

Would it be reasonable to try to schedule half a dozen interviews in one day and drive out there leaving my kids at grandma's? There are like no jobs where I am now, the nearest hospital only hires 'nurse techs' from a community college that has a three year wait list!

Any advice on applying for jobs that are not where you live is appreciated!


joanna73, BSN, RN

Specializes in geriatrics.

I was hired into my current position through a phone interview, and yes, phone interviews are very common. It never hurts to explore your options before moving. Start researching prospective employers now. With the current job market, it's advisable to have a position waiting for you. Good luck :)

Thanks joanna! I will be calling a few places that emailed me back after I sent my resume.

I would spread your appointments out over two or three days if possible. One interview in morning and one interview in afternoon should do it. You could easily be offered a job at the first interview and decide to cancel the others, then you can spend a day looking around or visiting with grandma. Good luck.