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Section B

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Hello All!

Perhaps a common question, and if already answered, please direct me to the link.

I am curious about two things: who completes section B (hearing, speech, vision) at your facility AND what is the level of licensure/education of your social workers?

Currently a hot topic at my facility between nursing and social services. Social work argues that most facilities do not have mastered educated and independently licensed practitioners (LCSW), and that license precludes them from such an assessment. Curious...


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CMS does not designate who may perform MDS assessments including interviews (except for an RN who has to coordinate the MDS process). It’s the facility’s responsibility to assign tasks. CMS do expect clinical competence, observational, interviewing and critical thinking skills, and assessment expertise from all disciplines.

MDS Interviews do not require licensed experts. The facility simply has to prove competence that staff members (any) have the confidence and skills to complete the tasks based on an educational or training program provided by the facility.

Here's a good guide for training staff (based on the MDS, app D)


I would assume your interviewers are familiar of these skills and actually practice them.

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Addendum (sorry had to end prior post)...

The RAI also provides a simple guide (Steps for assm't) in conducting speech, hearing and vision that can be learned by any facility staff.