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Hello y’all ? 

I’m struggling here.. mentally and emotionally.. mid pandemic we were let go from a cushy home health job that I really liked it paid well and had amazing flexibility.. but the company could no more and we were laid off.. worse is I was pregnant at the time (can you imagine the stress?) after about two months I found part time which them turned into full time employment as a nurse but mon- fri( great Pay commute is less than 7 mins) it’s high stress which sometimes kicks my *** especially since I go every damn day.. except for weekends.. I had my baby and this work place was actually very toxic during the last month ( I actually had HR confront me about resigning from my job since my OB appointments were leading to staffing issues) I could have sued!! And I should have!! I’d be way happier now.. 

but I needed a steady paycheck.. but Im miserable y’all.. I’m stressed and exhausted.. I’m pushed to my limits..I quit school since that was too much.. I quit my PRN job 

Im still miserable.. what could I do that is flexible and mommy friendly? I also do not wanna work holidays.. my kids come first on those days.. mainly Christmas and thanksgiving I don’t care so much about the other holidays 

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Look for a position in Day Surgery or Pre Admission Testing. They are usually closed on weekends and holidays. Good luck!


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Have you thought about telehealth or something along those lines? Pay isn't great (from what I've observed), but many companies offer a work from home situation.

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