Second time was the charm!

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Had my test in NYC today at noon. Dreading it. The last time I took the test was in August, it shut off after 85 questions and I was able to do the trick and got the CC screen. I was broken hearted. Even more so when I found out that I had to wait three months to take it again. Took it again today... it shut off after 85 questions. I immediately almost started to cry. I walked out of there feeling sure that I had failed yet again. I logged in, saw my results were delivered, tried the trick and got "This candidate has already passed this exam" pop up.

Here I was, in the middle of Manhattan, on the phone with my wife screaming and crying. I must've look like a nut case!

But I did it! It's done, and over with! No more studying, no more Kaplan, no more Lippincott, no more school notes, cram sessions, feeling of dread of upcoming dates.... it's done. I am officially (well, still have to wait to get the quick results) a nurse!

Holy hell!

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Congratulations man!!! I got the same pop-up just now when I went to check it again!!!

I have checked mine seven times already!! Lol. I love seeing those 13 words.

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lol...same here


You now can relax and party!!!

By the way, how did you reapply to take the test in NY?

I had to contact the board to tell them of my intentions, and then re-register and pay on the pearson site. When i got the att ( took about two months ) i rescheduled and the first date was a month away. Very frustrating.

Congratulations!!! Did you do anything differently to prepare? did you incorporated new study materials? I failed my first nclex two weeks ago:(( i thought i was well prepared but booo... i guess that was not enough. I got NEAR THE PASSING standard in every category:( I have no idea what to do? Any tips??

two months for ATT.. wow, IT IS FRUSTRATING

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