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I have appilied to Mci Manassas Campus and now I am having second thoughts about the program. I want to know is there is anyone who finished the program and went on to become an RN. Because there are accrediate through SACS will any other shool take there credits and also is the program worth the time and money. I am leaving 6 kids and traveling an 1 hr 32min one way a day and want make sure its worth the time. Thanks in advance :)

At that campus there is only Medical Assit. and LPN classes there. Not RN. If you plan on becoming a RN do not go there. I started there and went for a month and they told me the classes dont transfer from their lpn to rn so really you will be wasting your time and money. Where do you live in VA? There is a school in fredricksburg called Career Training Solutions (one I am thinking of going in January). I already have all my general education and other book classes done at my community college but the waiting list for the clinicals are ludacris!! Anyway, its a fast program, you can go start to finish in 15 months. Another one is Radians in DC. Also Global health Training in alexndria va. Also Chamberlain just opened in arlington. and Excelsior. I know alot about most of the programs and have visited them lol. if you have anymore questions trust me i can answer them!! but please, stay away from lpn program if you want to become an rn and time is of the essence for u and kids :)

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Excelsior is not a prelicensure program (you must be an LPN, paramedic, etc.), and Virginia does not allow EC grads to take NCLEX for licensure -- EC grad RNs must endorse in with 960 hours of practice as an RN. Just FYI. :) Good luck finding a school that works for you!

hmm yeah thats the only one i wasnt 100% about lolz

Thanks so much.... This is what i thought i dont want to be stuck as an lpn.... So basically @ ecpi you will have start all over again for rn.... What about indiana state have you heard about this school...

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