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Hi Everyone,

I have a Bachelor and a Postgraduate in Nutrition Science from Brazil and I'm planning to apply for a second entry nurse bachelor in Canada. I would like to know some experience that international students have applying for it . Do they give preferences to Canadians?

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What s your status in Canada? Permanent resident, citizen, or prospective overseas student looking for a visa.

It makes a difference


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Hi Fiona, I have British working holiday visa. Thats why I need to apply as an international student. Wanna know how difficult is to get in and if they give any preferences for domestic students.

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Of course they give preference to domestic students. Most programs have a very limited number of seats for each of which there are numerous qualified candidates. If the university has seats reserved for international students, they would be even more limited, to perhaps one or two per intake year. Some universities don't accept international students at all into their nursing programs. And the cost of the program for the international student is roughly double that for domestic students. Tuition, fees and books may cost the Canadian student in the range of $30- to $40,000 at the end of 4 years, without even taking the cost of living into consideration. Because Canadian universities are heavily dependent on government funding (taxpayer dollars) they're very cognizant of the need to provide spaces for Canadian students first. About all you can do is start applying to the universities you're interested in attending and see how you fare.