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I have a BA in sociology and found that HR was not my dream I have gone back to my first choice of going into medicine and nursing :-)

It looks like the schools in the WNY area for a second degree BSN is UB, NU, and UR? Should I be looking into 2-year RN programs as well at the community colleges in the area?

I'm new to this and trying to figure it all out, so any help would be much appreciated!


I say you should look into two year RN programs for community college. Save then universities for your BSN if you really decide nursing is for you. Anyways, some CC grant admission into their programs through high GPA's, lottery selection, entry tests such as TEAS V, or even experience relating to nursing. My CC is GPA competitive and only grants admission based on how high a person GPA is compared to the rest, now imagine over 300+ people applying for the program and only 16 are accepted for one semester. Now just imagine that in a BIGGER city. Competition is stressful and very competitive. Usually you will have to take 5 pre-nursing courses in order to apply to the nursing program. These classes are A&P I& II, psychology 101, ENG 101, human growth & development, (some course names and other may vary depending on region). Get as many A's as you can.

I also have a degree in sociology and just started an ADN program in July. I chose this option because I'll be finished by dec of next year. I did look at some BSN programs but they required pre-reqs that I didn't have with my bachelor's in sociology. So if I spent a couple of terms taking the pre-reqs, I wouldn't have been able to enroll in a BSN program until they were done setting me back about a year I think. So this way I'll be an RN a year before I'd be able to start classes toward a BSN. I'm starting now to plan for my future educational goals. There are plenty of RN to BSN or MSN bridge programs that I'm checking out now. The good thing also about my school is that the pre-reqs like A&P and microbiology are folded into your classes so you didn't have to have them before. So that was a plus.

Weigh all your options, but in my opinion for me, time was the selling point. Obviously if you find a way to get your BSN in a similar time frame, do that. I'm so new to the field so I don't know the weight of a BSN versus other bachelor's but work experience is also something you cant make up. Good luck with school! I find that it's so much fun :)

Hi! I live in Buffalo and originally got my BA in Communication. I decided to return to school for Nursing, however to get into UB or NU's Accerlerated program, there are many prereq's you need to take which may take some time to complete (if you have not completed them already.) I am currently going to ECC and hoping to get into their program next Fall. You can also check out NCCC! Feel free to message me if you have any questions! :) Good luck!

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