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Great forum here! Glad I found it.

Has anyone here gone through the second degree (accelerated) BSN and have any feedback?



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I am currently pursuing my BSN via an online course, if were taking the classes full time, I would finish in one year. However 2 small children and working doesn't allow for that kind of time. There are also programs available that you can do RN to MSN, although I'm not sure about the yrs involved with that one.

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I finished RN to BS last year. 2 very intense years. No tests, but alot of writing. Sometimes I thought tests would have been easier. Glad I'm done!

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I finished an accelerated BS/MS program in two years. Was very hard. Lots of papers and tests.



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Thanks for the input so far.


I finished a second degree program in 13 months. It was fast and intense but well worth it. Clinicals two times a week, plenty of reading material, and supportive instructors. We had a small class so we studied together. We ranged in age from 28-40 and we all passed the NCLEX. Good luck to ya! You can do it.


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Thanks, I will need it. I think my program may not start till after spring/summer due to application processing time.


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