Second degree bsn needs advice

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Hello All!

I am graduating this fall with a BS in Rehabilitation Services. Currently looking for second degree or accelerated programs and would like some input. My long term goal is to become a CRNA. Currently living in PA. One year experience as a CNA.

Cum GPA: 3.35

Science GPA: 2.85

NLN-PAX Overall Score: 121

Any suggestions on schools I should consider?



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You have to be an RN to become a CRNA. If that is your eventual goal then nursing school is the only way to go. You can "google" programs to see which ones are accelerated and take it from there.

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Which part of PA are you living in? Are you near Penn state at all? That would be a great school to attend. Also, If your long term goal is to become a CRNA, you need to get those science grades up, they aren't bad, but they look at physics and A&P and chemistry and all that stuff. You also need to have at least 1 year but possibly 3-5 in a CCICU before you can apply to CRNA school. I curious why do you want to be a CRNA, have you shadowed one? Good luck, it's going to be quite a ride.



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If you are interested in moving to California I just finished an accelerated 2nd bachelor's program at Samuel Merritt University. There are several campuses that have the accelerated program and it's basically a very expensive but only 12 month intense program. We had 24 hours a week, usually 2 12s as well as 3-4 days a week of all day class. Good education, but pretty expensive.