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HI allnurses,

Has anyone received the nurse education loan repayment with a second degree??? Will the program factor in loans that were received from your first degree??? Has anyone received the repayment that were in the first preference category with the minimum 40% debt: loan ratio. I want to get everything in order now and start paying on the loans I know wont be covered 1st. My combined loans r about $60,000. Nursing alone is $45,000 which drops my % ranking significantly. Any additional information is valuable and appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)


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I received the award with a second degree. NELRP only factors in your nursing loans, so your first degree loans will not come into play and will not be paid off. Feel free to PM me with any other questions. I am about to end my 2nd year of repayment and got accepted for a 3rd and final year. :) Good luck! :)


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Thank you so much for sharing this! I am also a second degree nurse trying to figure out if I have any shot at an award. My debt:income ratio with ALL education debt is about 200%, my percent just of nursing debt only 70%.

I know that they only pay you the % of your nursing loans, but any idea which debt:income ratio they consider when ranking? Probably just the nursing I know for consistency, but I am hoping....

Would you mind sharing your debt:income for both all loans and nursing loans alone? Thanks!