Second degree accelerated or 5 semester BSN? Help me decide.

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I attended an interview yesterday at a school where I applied for the accelerated nursing program. I left the interview wondering if I should switch to the 5 semester program. Well, the interviewers did a great jod trying to convince me that the 5 semester would be more enriching for me and would provide greater opportunities for me both during and after school.

They said that because of my background... masters degree in education, and a doctor of jurisprudence, the opportunities in research, and the different Centers that the school has will be better experienced over the 5 semester period. Interactions with the staff and faculty also is at a deeper level.

The accelerated program lasts for 12 months. Most of the coursework is done online. Students meet one day a week for a seminar class and 2 days a week for clinicals.

I have taken online classes before, and after a while, I got tired of the impersonal nature of it. I would love the classroom interaction with the students and the instructors, I think. However, 12 months will be here and gone in no time and I can go back to homeschooling my children after that one year. My children will be 8 and 6 when the program begins.

Does anyone have an opinion?

I attend the university of south alabama. We have an accelerated program and a BSN program. I'm in the BSN. Our accelerated people attend class on campus and do clinicals. They do the same stuff we do, just way faster and with fewer breaks. If i had it to do over again, I would no doubt go with accelerated. But only because they do the exact same stuff we do. With yours you said they have computer classes. If that was the case at USA, I would not want to do accelerated.


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It sounds like you're interested in the classroom interaction, but still want to finish early. I love the online format. I wish we had a program like that in Cleveland. I am completing my master's in CS online, and I love it. I went to retake A&P in the classroom and it was awful. The professor didn't explain anything more than in the book. I think it all depends on what you're looking to get out of the class or program.

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