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Second Courser: Graduated from AB Eng but started out as a BSN student

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Is it true that there is a new curriculum for bsn this school year 2018?

Hi, I am a graduate of AB English from Cap College but prior to that my first degree was in nursing at CIT-U (Cebu) yet I only finished two years of bsn before shifting to AB English. I had my reasons as to why I left bsn in the first place. I started bsn from 2009 to 2011 and stopped for 6 years.

Is it possible to continue to third year in bsn? or do I have to restart all over again? I'm kind of ashamed that some of my batch mates and peers are already finished and moving on with their life, but here I am still stuck and not improving. I am twenty six by the way. Also, I am wondering in CIT-U we had our capping during our second year of college, but I want to know in other schools most of their capping happens during third year? Also am I affected by the K-12 system? I am already a college graduate.

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Hi ahyaah, I like your plan, go ahead and pursue your dreams. You are still young, there are people at 41 who are still aiming to go back to nursing.

I am not sure about the curriculum placement it is BEST to inquire directly to a nursing school, they can give you the exact feedback on it. K-12 are for the grade/high school I believe, there is no weight on that.

Good luck!

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