Second Attempt at Nclex

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Hi everyone,

I could really use some honest advice and insight.

Long story short, I graduated in Canada in June and I took my NCLEX about a month ago. I felt ready, used uworld and finished the entire bank. I went into the NCLEX knowing that a lot of my classmates had passed in 75 q, so I went in thinking well how hard can it be - I prepared well and I was scoring the same as them (55 - 70%)!

When I sat, I knew I was rushing through the NCLEX to get to 75 because I was bored, wanted to be done, and expected to pass. After 75 hit, my biggest fear flashed before my eyes and I saw question 76. I was sweating, panicking, thinking about everything except for the questions in front of me. I was contemplating just walking out because I knew I wasn't going to pass with my mentality. I just kept clicking and barely reading, then the computer shut off at 130.

After I failed, I gave myself a week and then started with the Kaplan live review. I find the strategies have been very helpful, I don't apply the entire 5 step pyramid but I do use pieces. I guess I'm worried because I've read a lot of threads of people saying the NCLEX was way different than Kaplan, and they were scoring in the 70s-80s but still failed (which is higher than my current scores). Also, I test in 5 days.

I hear so many great things about uworld, and I did purchase it again but I found I have memorized some questions so I'd rather prepare with new questions. I also found Mark K's audio's and they were fabulous - definitely increased my content base.

Does anyone find the Kaplan questions to be easier or harder or similar than the NCLEX? I know some people have low Kaplan scores and pass, and some have high scores and fail (so that doesn't help). I need to pass for my own sanity because since I am in Canada, we only get 3 tries.

I take at least 125 questions a day, for the past week and a bit I've been doing 150 - 200 (plus the crazy long question trainer). I scored 58% on question trainer 7, my Qbank average is 56% but the first 3 tests were in the 40s and now I am scoring 56 - 67% - I have about 300 questions left. I will take the readiness test tomorrow.

I know I already took the NCLEX, but my questions were also low level thinking questions so I still don't know what to expect. I can't even remember what they were like, I only remember one question because it was so traumatizing!

Any tips or input at all would be helpful. (Tips for the NCLEX, tips on de-stressing/thinking during the exam, words of encouragement, or if I should postpone and try something other than Kaplan - like hurst).

Thank you :)