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Hi there,

I am about to accept a travel contract in Seattle and just wanted to know what are some comparable base rates? Where is good to live (working at Seattle childrens) any info would be great


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To know comparable base rates we would have to know your specialty, years of experience, years as a traveler, hospital, whether it is critical need: and then we would still have to call other agencies to find out fair rates. So all that was rhetorical, you can do the same thing directly!

By the way, base rate doesn't really mean anything anyway. Some agencies have really low hourly rate and compensate with a higher housing stipend. So you really would need to collect all the details of a travelers pay before you can even begin to compare. Then you still have the obstacles mentioned above that will make comparison of pay difficult.

I can't really help you with housing recommendations, hopefully someone else will chime in. I've worked in Seattle and got housing less than a mile from the hospital I worked at staying with the friend of a friend.

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I really liked living the Green Lake area. I also have a friend who did a clinical (for a profession other than nursing) in Seattle and found temp housing close to the U of W campus. She liked that area as well. The Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods have a lot of local culture. I enjoy living in the city, where I can walk to things; if you want a quieter living area, I won't be able to give you much of a recommendation.


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I ended up accepting the contract after some negotiating. Now to look for a place to live;) I would like to live in a walkable area with good city life i.e. cafes, restaurants etc. I am currently in Houston and one of the reasons for leaving is how I have to drive everywhere here.


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I just moved here a few days ago for a contract I took at another hospital. I picked an apartment close to work because Seattle has notoriously horrendous traffic. My hospital is out in the suburbs of Seattle but I would definitely look for something close to Children's. I know someone who did their clinical preceptorship there but turned down a position because she said it took her 2 hours to get to work most days.


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Hey, so I'm not sure where Seattle childrens is but I just finished a contract in auburn and now I'm taking a contract at Swedish first hill starting in March. The place I'm subletting now is great and close to everything but I feel like I could find a bigger/cheaper place if I could find a roomate. So If your interested in having a roomate to save some money let me know.

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I'm considering a contract in Seattle for the Summer. The pay seems abnormally high, so my immediate suspicion is that the cost of living is extremely high there. Anybody find reasonable housing like a furnished studio apartment? I'm considering using public transit and leaving my car back home. How is public transit there? Expensive/dangerous/convenient? Anybody have any experience traveling or working there?

What did you do for fun/hobbies?


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Do you mind me asking what the pay they're offering is? The rent is VERY high here but I'm from the south so it was sticker shock to me. I've seen some furnished places on Craigslist during my search around $1800-2000. Getting a roommate is the best way to go I think. I'm with my partner and 2 cats so we need an apartment and it's hard to find anything under $2000, unfurnished. I live 30 minutes outside the city now and take the bus.

SO MANY FUN THINGS TO DO!!! The weather is amazing right now, can't wait for summer. Taking some time off to explore.


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Try to get something in the U district (near UW) or in Sand Point which is near Childrens.

Bus system is very safe for the most part. Meaning I rode it every day for 3 1/2 years with no issues. Didn't have a car there for several months and no problems. I did work downtown and lived in Belltown.

There are also plenty of Car2go and Zipcars there if you needed to rebt by the minute or hour. Also Uber or taxi. Bus is pretty cheap and sometimes the hospitals will partially subsidize bus passes...even for travelers!


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It's good to hear that transportation is pretty well developed there, I really didn't want to drive my car that far. The pay package was roughly $3000 a week for 48 hours a week of work. It's a rapid response assignment for the ICU.