Seattle Central Winter 2017


Anyone else applying for the Winter 2017 program at Seattle Central? Just looking for other people (not so) patiently waiting for their acceptance. I'm trying to put off asking when they expect those notifications to go out, but I'm expecting it first week of November.

Good luck if you're out there!

UGH! I've been (im)patiently waiting for a response as well. Submitted my application in less than a minute pass 12pm so I should be good. Emailed Jan asking for a date on which we would hear by and she informed me that it will (probably) be towards the end of October. So, I figure that (like you) I won't expect to hear anything until early November. :nailbiting:


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My application was officially sent in at 12:02 pm on Sept. 1! I am also very impatiently waiting! I emailed Jan last on Monday October 24th and she said it would be 2-3 weeks till we knew.

I contacted the general line as well and was told mid-Nov. So hopefully **fingers crossed** we'll find out by the 18th!!

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I appreciate the updates! I can't believe it might be another week before we hear anything.


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Hello guys! Just got my acceptance email today! I'll be starting Jan 3! Ahh so excited!! I was expecting to hear back next week and was surprised to see it in my inbox. I'm excited to meet all my future classmates! I'll see you guys at the orientation! My application was submitted at 12:02 btw.

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Congrats for getting in!

I also received my acceptance email this afternoon as well. Looking forward to this new adventure and helping each other get through it.


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Hello all!

I am so excited to start this program and meet you all next month!!! This forum has been a help with keeping me updated and calming my nerves, so thank you all!


YAHOO!!! Received my acceptance letter yesteday as well!! Congrats to everyone who got in. Looking forward to seeing all of you come December! :)

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I've started a Facebook group for anyone who is starting the program. Search Seattle Central Nursing Winter 2017. I've made it a public group but probably should be closed in the long run. Feel free to join!!!


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How do you like central so far? Any advice you would give? Im waiting to hear back about fall 2018 and still nothing!


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ShellyVal, have you heard back from Seattle Central yet? Are you starting in Fall. I'm going to be ready to apply for Fall 2019 so I'm interested to see how long it takes to find out. Have you also found it frustrating to get straight answers about things from staff? I ended up going elsewhere for my CNA because they were being so mysterious about the orientation date and just generally seemed disorganized. I wonder if this continues throughout the program. I'm dreading/studying for the TEAS currently. I hope you got in and are on your way to great things!