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Seasoned nurses and poor culture....want advice

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by pedicurn pedicurn, LPN, RN (Member) Member

pedicurn is a LPN, RN and specializes in CVICU, Obs/Gyn, Derm, NICU.

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I have an issue with working in the ER that's contributing to some stress and thoughts of rethinking my speciality and would like your advice.

ER is a new specialty for me - only here two years.

I love the area and feel competent with most areas of care.

However my issue is the behaviour of SOME of the more seasoned nurses. They are great with performing tasks quickly and maintaining movement through the ER. There are about six of these individuals but they exert much influence in the area.

But I wish they could be broader in thought and ditch the concrete thinking. I am getting very weary of being knocked for thinking more critically. And social conversation in the breakroom can be like walking on eggshells for me...it is impossible to have an esoteric type conversation as they either automatically dismiss ideas different to their own/take a general comment personally.

Plus, add in lack of manners...definite lack of the basics; constant interrupting, no introducing themselves to new staff, not including others in conversation, not replying when say good morning etc.......and the list goes on.

In my area, these are the nurses who tend to be promoted. It seems to be solely experience that counts.

I was attacked recently for suggesting that nursing is a profession.

I am interested in culture and like to observe how this behaviour impacts on work culture/retention.

I have lost respect for these individuals. I am questioning my view that nursing is a profession and am wondering if my education has been a big waste. How to deal with this? If they can progress with no further education/no experience in other organisations and no understanding of the importance of culture....then what hope is there for nurses like myself who have always thought of nursing as a profession?

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SummerGarden has 10 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in ED and Acute Care.

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you must work in my er!!! oh, wait, you are having trouble with the night nurses. ok, so it is not my er. what you have described are the day-er nurses at my hospital (backstabbing, egotistical, put-a-bandade-on-it-i-am-not-a-floor-nurse-so-i-no-longer-do-nursing-interventions, expanding-knowledge-equals-change-and-i-hate-change types... i could go on) :chuckle. the night er nurses at my hospital, on the other hand, are great.... of course i have had only a few shifts floating with them as a nurse but i have only had a few with the day shift too as a tech. :down:

in any case, do not let these narrow minded people destroy your passion for emergency nursing or nursing period. some of us have a brain and like to discuss complicated things plus we have manners... etc. however, a wise man once told me that at work, you need to keep your opinions outside of your specific specialty to your self. so maybe the workplace is not the right place to have such conversations? as for friends.... maybe make some on the other floors and do lunch with them... it might keep things in perspective.

if you feel it is not as simple as changing conversations or routines (to avoid them and speak with others) or to join a committee to lead changes on the floor, then go to another hospital or another floor because the work environment is probably too toxic. bottom line is don’t give up nursing because of these people...:twocents:

i won't give up becoming an er nurse because of some of the day shift er nurses at my hospital (a few who had a part in me not being hired on as a new grad... their interference is only temporary....). gl!!! :up:

-future er night nurse!

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RochesterRN-BSN has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych, ER, Resp/Med, LTC, Education.

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I feel your pain!! I worked in the ER of another hospital then I am in now (in psych ER) and was there for 3 months.....I was treated so terribly. The woman in charge of my orientation acted like I was stupid and I got so frustrated as I had a different nurse I was assigned to all the time and I would be at the point of working independantly with say 4 or 5 patients then the next time I come in I get someone else who gives me an attitude when I say that I have been working independantly with 4-5 patients for a couple of weeks now and am comfortable and will certainly come to them with any questions....and I get well I have not worked with you so you can take 1 patient and I need to be with you every time you see the patient!! Then they tell my preceptor I am overly confident and have an attitude! They even started rumors about me! Saying I had asked out a patient and was giving docs back rubs! OMG I was flabbergasted! I would NEVER do anything like this. I actually observed this behavior (the backrubs) of other nurses, but never would do this. I was so hurt when I was trying so hard to fit in....I was told by a few friends I did have--techs and security, mainly, not the ****** nurses....that they were jealous because I am pretty! Whatever! That is a rediculous excuse to start rumors and throw someone under the but when all I did was was try really hard to fit in and take good care of my patients. My preceptor decided to have me spend some time on the floors for a couple of weeks to get some more experience and well two days on a medical/respiratory floor and damm I had 5 patients on my own and suddenly was not stupid and everyone was nice!!! Hell i wasn't going back down to be treated so poorly and I asked if I could stay and that floor manager was exstatic to have me!!!! Bye bye ER!!!! lol

I worked on that floor for close to two years until I decided to move to psych......

So if its' not for you move along....lifes to short to work with nasty misserable people!!!!

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PeaceonearthRN specializes in cardiac, psychiatric emergency, rehab.

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d!gger has 7 years experience and specializes in psyche, dialysis, community health.

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If ER's you're calling, find another shift, another unit, another crew, another ER, that values your input and treats you with something resembling respect. I know I can't do my job effectively when I'm constantly worried about walking on eggshells. And when I'm overworked, disappointed and frustrated, my patients know it and feel it to. Then I'm being less than therapeutic.

And that's not good for any of us.


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llltapp has 17 years experience and specializes in ER, ARNP, MSN, FNP-BC.

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definitely find another shift or another ER. They are NOT all like that. I work with the best group of nurses who assist and nurture newbies. If you are so busy worrying about the drama, you will not be able to focus and learn.

Good luck!

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