Searching for job ideas for BSN with suspended license.

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Long story short I am a recovering addict (clean 2 years) and my license is currently suspended. Originally due to failure to renew followed by a DUI. I have my BSN and am now looking to find an actual career I can use my degree for rather than continuing with "jobs." So my question is; what kind of jobs are available with a BSN but suspended RN license? Side note: I'm sure I would be able to reinstate my nursing license I have just been told it's an expensive process so I would need to save some money from said job first. Thank you so much in advance for any ideas/info you may have and for the lack of judgement I hope I receive :)

The one individual I knew personally who lost her license went into real estate for those few years, and went back into nursing as soon as she could get her license back.

If you're asking about healthcare jobs with a suspended license, I think the chances would be pretty slim. Medical transcription, maybe?

Best wishes!

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