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2004: The Year Ahead -- Delco faces pressing issues in heatlh care

By PATTI MENGERS , [email protected] 01/05/2004

Despite 11th-hour relief supplied by state legislators from medical malpractice premiums in 2003, some doctors are still planning to close their practices in Delaware County in 2004.

At least one of them will leave the city of Chester, already one of the most medically underserved.


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According the the Orthopaedic Doctors

Association there have been nearly

1000 doctors who have left PA .I

personally know of 3 very decent physicians who moved to Texas and

another one went to W.Virginia.

These were very established doctors

who felt squeezed between HMO

no-pays and the inflated insurance


Oh yes, I forgot 1 other doctor who

after 30 years in practice with 0

lawsuits quit his OB practice and

went into nutritional counseling???????

Our Senators and Congressman

are quite aware of the problem but the pressure from the trial lawyers is

astounding.Somebody better wake-up

and smell the coffee before we'll have to

bring back the old bumper sticker

"SICK,Call You Attorney!"

Can't imagine why any doc would leave Pa to come to WV? He must not have heard of how things are here for the docs and . Some of the highest rates in the USA.

He must have gotten the deal of a lifetime. Seriously, our state has bent over backwards to meet the demands of the docs and they still are not happy. Some of them deserve to be sued for the lack or care, general misconduct, and neglience they have visited on many patients in this state. We do have some good ones, but they sure do take a black eye for the bad ones. The good old boy network was really big here until some absolutely horrific circumstances came to light. Now, we do see a few who are willing to call a bad doc a bad doc. My personal opinion is that if they were going to leave, they were going to leave and any excuse is a good one. I knew one doc who went to NC . He was offered a lot of $$ and other things to stay, he finally said he wanted a change in lifestyle that WV could never offer him and his family. He is happy, his family is happy, and he says they will never come back.

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