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Please is there anywhere I can get scrubs in person other than ordering it online?


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There are specialty scrub store, and I'm sure they have them no matter what state/where you live. I would check into this before anything else.

I've also seen scrubs at walmart. Goodwill always has a section jam packed with (mostly mismatched) scrubs too! You aren't going to find the "buttery" fabric at these options, but you'll find them for way cheaper than a specialty store for sure. 


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Thanks. But, they required the scrubs top to have the school logo on it. Someone told me about ‘CINTAS’ but they don’t have any retail store open now, they only do it online and it will take like three weeks for shipping. It would be too late by the time I get them. 


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If they’re requiring a certain top with their specific logo, they should provide them or let you order them directly from the school. My employer mandates what color scrubs we wear (based on location/specialty) and they have our healthcare system name embroidered on them, so we have to order through work. 

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