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Scrub sites... again

Hi everyone,

I need some good websites where I can order scrubs - particularly navy blue scrubs. I posted a while back and now I can't find the thread!! :D

Thank you!


nurse.com lists several web sites.

Allheart.com is really good, I found the link thru here.

I like Lydia's as well. but I can't find the link just now.

My favorite scrubs are Aviator Scrubs. They are more expensive than most but are by far much more superior in quality than most. Definitely worth the money.


my favorite place to buy scrubs is from uniformadvantage.com they have great prices,plus when you are looking at pattern tops they tell you what color pants will go with it. i really like that because when i buy a specific color of pants, I try to get three tops to go with them.

Thank you all very much!

I ordered a pair of tencel (new manmade material that feels wonderful) navy scrubs from upscalescrubs.com ....and they are sooooooo comfortable! They feel as comfy as pajamas and fit right in all the right places. But they are more than Dickies. Worth every penny IMHO though. Sizes run a tad big. Just a little though.


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