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Scripps New Grad Residency Jan/March 2018


Hey everyone! Just wanted to get a page going to help each other out with the process at Scripps!

Hey I submitted my app this afternoon and filled out the personality test a bit after submitting my app. Looking forward to hearing back...

I heard there is a limit to the applications they look at. Do you know how we know that we made that mark?

Nice, glad to see someone started a thread! I also applied in the morning around 6AM, so far my status still says submission received. Does anyone else know processing times as far as getting contacted for an interview?

What is everyone's status...are you a new grad getting ready to graduate or a RN with less than a year experience applying? Just curious :)

I've heard about the cut off thing as well, but have no actual information about it. So I am hoping its not real haha. All I know is we'll find out within the next month seeing as the interview days are set in stone. Mine still says submission received as well, I applied to the last cohort and did not get an interview so I am hoping this time I do! Good luck all (:

I called the new grad hiring office and she told me it is not true and there is no cut off. She has no idea how this myth has been spread, but she said don't worry it is NOT true! They look at all applications received. So yay!!

Mine also still says submission received. I have a feeling it will continue to say that until after the application is no longer available for people to apply.

I am an RN I just graduated in May! Wow you applied super early! I turned mine in a little before 10:30am yesterday and mine says "submission received" as well!

I am so anxious to find out! I graduated recently in May 2017 too.

I'm currently an RN working at another facility out of state but currently have only 3 months of RN experience under my belt but looking to relocate back to San Diego permanently (my hometown). I messaged HR and anyone who has less than 1 year experience is considered to be a new grad and to apply to the new grad program. Anyone else in my boat?

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I graduated may 2017 as well from an ADN program

Jo90, I am in a similar boat! I just graduated in May, and I am currently working as an RN but with less than a month experience and I am in San Diego! I am hoping they look at it like more experience rather than as a negative.

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Thank you for creating this thread! I applied on the 18th sometime early morning as well. I graduated August of this year. Status is the same "Submission Received"....

I also applied, did it right at midnight. I Graduated in July 2017 and have no medical experience.

My status just changed to "Hiring Manager Review" :specs:

My status just changed to "Hiring Manager Review" :specs:

Wow, that's exciting! I'm surprised they are looking at apps over the weekend!

Wow your status changed right away? Mine still said application received. I wonder if I ever passed the computer screening for apps.

I applied on Sep 18th and I am a new Grad RN BSN as well. Has anyone called HR and asked what the timeline may look like? Please update any information that you have; it would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

Mine still says submission received. We will probably start seeing changes soon now that the weekend is over. I figured they wouldn't be changing anything over the weekend. But congrats!!!!!!!

My status just changed to "Hiring Manager Review" :specs:

That's awesome! Do you mind me asking if you have a BSN?

mine still says "Submission Received" as well! I'm hoping we find out soon. It's been so discouraging lately getting denied from hospitals:( Nursing school did not prep me for this awkward post grad time! Anyone else feel the same lol

I have my ADN but I'm currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program.