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Screaming Siblings


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I have to get this off my chest because if not I am gonna lose it. We have a new student being enrolled by her mother. Mother brings toddler sibling, which I understand. Childcare is not always available or affordable for people in this area. However, when that sibling is laying on the floor in the office screaming and crying and the mother is literally ignoring him, I have a problem with that! My office is next to/adjoining the main office so I get to witness this spectacle. Big sister is trying to comfort the child and seems embarassed by it, teachers and other staff are having to step over him because he is laying in the walkway through the office. My head is now throbbing from the screeching.

And mom is OBLIVIOUS! :mad:

Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened (and not the same family, either). I just do not get this. I would be mortified if my child was being as disruptive as this child is being. This is an OFFICE, not a free daycare! Arrrrgh! Has anyone else dealt with this?

AngelfireRN, MSN, RN, APRN

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Yep, been there. What's really fun is when they bring the child being enrolled to your office for med setup, and the sib is pulling out your drawers, playing with your supplies, tearing papers, etc., and the parent does nothing.

And woe to the person who says anything or attempts to stop the sib.

This is why I am an NP now. School nurses don't get paid nearly enough as it is, and certainly not enough to put up with that.

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Thanks, Angelfire! And on top of that fun yesterday, today is our PK enrollment day, so 50+ 3-4 year olds running amok!

I keep thinking to myself..."how bad do I really want kids?" :)


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It happens all of the time here... Parents coming in for a quick chat, the siblings are touching, laying, bouncing, interrupting, touching, coughing, licking, slobbering, all over my office....Mind you I have been there as a stay at home parent, but this has always driven me crazy...Children need to be taught proper etiquette for these situations...so no I have crayons and a box of coloring pages, they are invited(by me!) to quietly sit and color while I am speaking to their parent. They will always try to get to the cots, but I explain nicely that those are for sick:barf02: children to lay on (and parents quickly get their healthy kids off of them!!)