Scott & White Interview Next Week ?????


Next week I'm interviewing with Scott & White in Temple. I'm looking for some insight on what to expect from an interview there. I've prepared my resume, cover letter, list of references, outfit ready, and brushed up on interviewing in general. I'm mainly nervous because I have to idea what to expect with teaching hospital and trauma center, but I've done my homework on the hospital. Last summer I interviewed with a few hospitals and everyone I met with was more concerned with selling the hospital to me than asking me any questions. I feel like Scott & White might not be like that. I feel confident answering questions about megacodes, protocols, etc. just don't want to be blind sided. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Well I currently work for them and I just have been with them almost two months but I can assure you that it will mainly focus on you and what you can bring to the unit. It doesn't hurt to have a general idea of the type of unit you will working on so if asked you can respond appropriately. Dont memorize your answers so you sound like a recorder rather just be yourself. Be confident and well rested and you shall shine. Be sure to follow up your interview with a phone call(they have so many people applying so you definitely want to stand out). Good luck to you and if I can be of any help pm me.

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