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Scope of Practice Florida


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When attending LPN school it was drilled into our heads that LPNs in Florida are unable to do blood draws. Is this correct? I was told by my manager that I am wrong because another technical school in the area provides a phlebotomy class the the LPN students. I have tried to look on the BON for Florida but cannot find the duties written out. Can anyone help me with this?

Ginja85, LPN

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We can do blood draws, and you don't need a license to do phlebotomy. Think about it PCAs in the hospital do phlebotomy, and some just received on the job training or took a short course for a few hours of practice. While there is a national certification, it is not required for phlebotomy. If you have IV cert, then just review tube draw order and specimen handling. However, we can not pull a blood specimen from an IV port without a physician order and even then it skirts the line of scope and I would decline the procedure or swap with an RN for another procedure.

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Doesn’t like look like Florida has a set list of all things you can and cannot do per se. Since they don’t, I would say it’s probably within your legal scope and personal scope if you know how to perform procedure and accept responsibility for it etc. 🙂 good luck!


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Maybe it's a company policy. But it has nothing to do with your scope of practice in FL. Not sure why you didn't learn how to draw blood and start IVs in nursing school. Granted, you have to be certified by a RN for IVs in FL.

If you work in a clinic or nursing home. You're probably going to be required to do at least one of those tasks at some point and possibly more.

MAs do blood draws and assist the surgeons in our office with procedures, suturing and wound care all the time. If you're under the direct supervision of a physician, you can do anything he/she asks you to do within reason. It doesn't matter whether you hold a license or not.