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Scope of Practice, Blood, Vitals

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I was wondering what the normal scope of practice is for RN's without a physicians orders?

My husband's company asked me to come in an take everyone's vitals once a week so they can chart their progress as they try to become healthy over the next year. I know it may come down to state laws, but I was wondering what an RN can do without the order or supervision of a physician. I was assuming I could take the diagnostics on temp, pulse, BP, respiratory rate, and BMI. What about a cholesterol test? It would require a finger prick, so blood would be involved.

Can someone please shed some light on what they think an RN would be legally allowed to do on their own?

Any other health diagnostics you all can think of would also help a lot!!



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You might check with any facility that offers health screenings, such as a pharmacy. There are a few pharmacies that offer these at various times to the public.

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Or, call the BON in your state. They should be able to give you a link or a quick run down fairly easily!



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The only thing I would be wary about there is what do you do if you find someone who is way out of the normal paramiters? Do they sign a waver of any type? How do you handle that. Do you doccument that you suggest that they follow up with a Dr to manage the high BP or whatever it is?

we often have visiting family in the hospital ask you to take a BP on them. We always say no. That is just what you want... to find someone's BP is 210/100 and then what? they have a stroke later that day, and someone says... oh, that nurse so-and-so took my BP and didn't say anything bad about it.

you always could suggest to your hubby's company that they purchase an automatic BP cuff. Everyone shown how to use it, and self monitor and keep a journal.

Thanks Guys,

Good suggestions. Any other diagnostics we can think of?

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