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Hi everyone. I am new to here. I have been out of school for 15 years and apparently I slept through high school biology because I do not remember anything from this course. I am set to take the teas test in June and I've purchased the ATI study guide. I am doing great with all subjects except the science. I am assuming that the science section is a general review, however, when I answer the review questions or the practice quiz most of it looks Greek to me. I feel really lost in the Science section of the ATI study guide. Can anyone recommend exactly what I need to be studying up on? Would it be Life Science, A/P, Chemistry? Any suggestions on other study guides or general advice would greatly be appreciated. I am feeling really overwhelmed right now.

I am signed up to take a basic biology course over the summer. I will also be taking chemistry and A/P in the fall.


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As far as the Science section getting broken down... there will be questions concerning:

-Scientific Reasoning

-General Science

-Life Science

-Chemical Science

-Physical Science

-Human Body Science

There are a total of 30 items, so about 5 questions per category all ranging from easy to medium to hard.

You might want to look into also purchasing the online study guide from ATI. It will give you a print out at the end that looks identical to what you will get at the end of the real test. It also offers some tips on why you missed the problems and how to solve each (I think the paper booklet also does this at the end of each section).

They said when I took the test that pretty much everybody had a low science score, and not to sweat it... and that proved true for me also. My overall grade was an 81- my highest section being an 86 in English and my lowest in Science being a 73.... and I still got in ;)

So don't stress too much. It's not a big deal. This isn't the only thing they look at when considering students and when considering the points scale it amounts to very little (I think my TEAS score gave me something like 6 points).

Each program varies, and the average for mine was a 79, so i was just 2 points higher. But in Feb of this year the national average was a 74.

There will be a total of around 170 questions. I can't really think of anything else to tell you... but again, just don't stress over it. If you're stressed out you won't do as well as if you just walked in thinking, "I got this!" Just know that you don't need to make an A, or B, and if the program average was a C, then I'm sure you can even get in with that :)

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Everything you need to know is in the ATI test book. So on questions you have gotten wrong- figure out why you got it wrong and how to get it right. For my program you needed to be in the 50th percentile on each subject. I studied that book every night for an hour or so- the three months leading up to my testing date. I ended up in the 98th percentile for science, 99th percentile for reading and lowest was grammar at 79th percentile....apparently I can't spell.



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I took the TEAS test kind of gives me an idea of what the NCLEX will be like, lots of questions that you CANNOT study for and you just have to use your common sense.

I mean com'on, there was more questions about rocks and geology then there was on human anatomy!

I remember seeing the question "If water gets into a crack on a rock and later expands due to freezing which flakes off pieces of the rock, what is this process called?" I almost lost it thinking "what in the world does this have to do with NURSING?!"

Its not too bad though, just make sure to eliminate the two dumb answers (out of 4) and you have a 50/50 chance on any problem you dont know. I didnt study for the TEAS test and got a 90% overall.


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Thanks to everyone who replied. I guess I'm justing stressing because our scores on the Teas test is the main thing the nursing program looks at.

Thanks again.

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