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Schools in Springfield

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I am considering nursing as a second career. Springfield has multiple nursing programs and I'm trying to make the most reasonable decision as far as where to go.

I know both Mercy and Cox have schools that they are associated with, and I work with nurses that have graduated from both programs. The thing I've notic about these programs is that they're both so expensive. I can get my adn from either, or I can get my bsn from cox. I already have a bachelors so I can also do the accelerated bsn at cox. It looks like any of these options will cost me about $20,000. And 2 years.

I love the idea of the accelerated bsn but I need to be able to work to help pay for school and to pay the bills.so the reality is that it's oro not the most realistic option. I'm not willing to go into a lot more debt for this since I already have tons of student loans.

Then there's OTC. They only have an lpn to adn program but I could do both the lpn and the bridge program in the same 2 years it would take me to get either my asn or my bsn at any other school. But it's half the price. The only concern I have is that no one I work with has gone here, and no one talks about it.

Is there any legitimate reason not to choose this school that's half the price?

i know MSU has a program too but I haven't really looked into it. I know it's at least as expensive at cox and sbu.

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MSU and OTC have the best reputations, IMO. They're also the least expensive and most competitive - both require a pretty high GPA for admission.

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