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Is there a website or a PDF file or anything anywhere on the internet which lists all the MSN and DNP programs offered by different universities in USA. Here's the thing I am an international student going through an accelerated BSN now and want to go to MSN/DNP program following my BSN, I am ready to move to anyplace in USA to finish the program, All I want is any program which starts in spring of 2010, cos I will be done in december 2009. Thanks for you'll and rocks.


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Yes, there is a good website I know In the upper right hand corner there is a place where you can type in what kind of degree you are looking for from BS, RN, MSN and in which state and it will pull it up.

I hope that helps, good luck :redbeathe

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While the sites listed above are helpful, they are commercial sites. Schools pay $$ to get listed there. In these days of budget cutbacks, a number of graduate programs are choosing not to pay to be listed there. The schools that will be listed are the for-profit institutions.

A good and thorough list (and free for schools) is at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing website at This has separate lists for MSN, DNP and PHD programs (listed by state).


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Thank you all for your replies, the sites you have mentioned are perfect, but out of curiosity does any one of you know any part time masters program which starts in spring or summer of 2010. I dont want to pass the dead line of application(which probably may be this fall). Thank you again for your help.

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There are over 300 graduate nursing programs. My guess is that most are still accepting applications for the fall. Here in Virginia, all 14 graduate programs are still taking applications until April 1 (some have deadline until June 1). All 14 enroll parttime students in the spring as well.

My guess is that well over 50% of the nursing programs in the country are still taking applications for the fall.

Good luck with your search

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