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School/Work/Life Ratio

Ciethekid Ciethekid (New) New

Hi All,

I am a pre-pre nursing student. Long story, short version. I'm obtaining a degree for RT at one school and finishing up pre-reqs for nursing school at another.

Anywho, I want to know what the school/work/life ratio is for those of you that are working while in nursing school. When I originally decided to go back to school, my heart was set on going for nursing straight away... however, my adviser stated that no one in their nursing program works because of the rigorous workload. This made me pause because I need to work. So he suggested the RT program (something I was previously interested in).

I will/need to work during my nursing school journey and I am curious as to how some of you that do it manage. I'd like input for everyone, especially those with smaller kiddos. (Two little ones here too)

Any helpful tips and advice is greatly appreciated.

I don't have any kids, but working part time is definitely the answer for me. I go to class in the morning and then work in the afternoon. I work between 20-30hrs a week as a receptionist and I have weekends off. Luckily all of our clinicals for my program are during the week so I am free to study and relax on the weekends with no distractions. It also helps that my boyfriend works full time to support us. I just work to have my own money. It is definitely not easy because you'll feel like you want to study all the time and you will be exhausted. If part time can work for you then I highly recommend it. As for social life. My clinical group are my friends I do activities/hang out after a tests. Most of my hanging out is with my family, but it relieves stress

Same boat. I'm a pre-nursing student knocking out the pre-req's with A's and B's. 100% in this to work hard and be a competitive applicant to my schools ADN program.

But I'm a single mother who absolutely must work. I also support my mother as well.

I don't like to feel derailed, but more and more I'm becoming nervous about this work, life, school balance.


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