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I am considering changing careers and obtaining my ADN. Being in college right now, for business, I know that it will be a HUGE time commitment. I work full time, but will need to change fields as I currently work 1st shift, which is when classes are. I am looking at jumping into the medical field right away and becoming a CNA while I am in school. I would go to class during the day, work 2nd shift, do homework, sleep a minute or two :chuckle, and help hubby with the kids (ages 12, 9, & 6).

I know that being a CNA will assist me more than words can say; but will a hospital hire someone who has no medical experience at all; well, unless you count the three kids mentioned above-lots of medical experience with them :). I did attend a Nursing Information Session at the university I will be attending; but still am not sure if working full time (2nd shift) going to school full time (1 st shift), labs, clinicals, and family will all fit into one schedule. How do/did the rest of you handle it??

Again, any advice is welcomed!!! Thanks in advance for voicing your opinions!!

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I can't help you with the balancing act because I'm not in nursing school yet, but I just wanted to comment on your post.

I think it will be at least easier with the 12 and 9 year old. Maybe they can help entertain the 6 yr old. :)

I have a 13 and a 7 year old. There are many times I have to have the 13 yr old play with the 7 yr old so I can study! :)

I may have to start paying her a little when I get into nursing school. LOL

Good luck.


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Good luck, it is tough. I have a 2 and 3 yr old.

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