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My school district is beginning a Wellness Committee made up of administrators, PE and Health teachers, Food service, etc.  Does anyone have an agenda template that I can work from?  Aside from staff introductions and a review of our (new) Wellness Policy and some changes we may need to make, are there other topic ideas you would suggest?  We would like to focus on the sugary classroom snacks and fast food that parents often bring in for their children.  I would like to add some wellness activities for the staff. I would love some other ideas if you're willing to share from your experience.  Thanks in advance!

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We didn't have a template or official meetings. However every school had to come up with some type of wellness activity/program. Things that were done in the county included family wellness nights (where families could come and play in the gym various games after school for an hour), bought yoga mats and practiced mindfulness ,bought jump ropes for every student in the school, started a running club, bought bouncy balls for seats, bought a water cooler and installed water refill stations and gave all the kids water bottles, incorporated brain breaks in classes (on YouTube), offered fresh fruits/vegetables once a week in the afternoon for every kid, bought other classroom teaching activities that encouraged movement, etc. A lot of that was through a wellness fund each school was given or grants. Hope that gives you some ideas rat least!

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I'm bumping this up, as our Wellness Committee has recently become active again after a pandemic-related hiatus. 

For those districts/schools with a Wellness Committee, I'm curious who your leader is... In our district it is our food services director and he is a poor choice... He has a god-complex and while he acts diplomatic, he is resolute in getting done what he thinks is important rather than listening to all the stakeholders and enacting meaningful change.